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by Robin Frick March 11, 2015

A few months ago Freckles+Kitty was asked by an organization called Changing the Face of Beauty to be one of the "15 In 2015" companies to feature differently-abled models in its product photography. It was a simple decision, and we jumped at the chance to get on board with something that is so very relevant to our industry in particular. So, let's get the elephant in the room out of the way: Yes, we hope our customers will be impressed by us. But not exactly in the way you might think!


"To impress." What does it mean? Perhaps most well-known is an action to make another feel admiration and respect. Of course we hope that our customers come to truly admire and respect us. But there is another meaning that is much more appropriate, and the real reason why we chose to get involved with Changing the Face of Beauty. I am talking about “impress” as a means to fix, or impress, an idea in someone’s mind. Yours, to be exact. Like a stamp in clay. An idea, that once it’s there, never goes away, and will forever change how you see the world and people around you. It can truly change your personal definition of what is beautiful.


For years you have seen fashion magazines, advertisements, and marketing of all kinds. But one thing is nearly ubiquitous: Marketing assumes we all agree on the definition of what is beautiful. It rarely allows for alternate images that step outside the lines of what is considered beautiful. Beauty is fed to us by marketers in shades of one color, rather than all the colors of the spectrum. We are so habitually used to this phenomenon, that when Changing the Face of Beauty approached us, the first five minutes we were wondering how we could possibly do this. And then we just went ahead and did it. Because marketing makes an impression, and we want to impress the idea on your mind that beauty can be so many different things to people. And we want to impress you with the idea that Freckles+Kitty is all inclusive.


Our role has been easy, and fun. Our photography came out looking amazing. Our employees are excited, and we all share the spirit of participation in something special. All of the girls look incredible in their cute Freckles+Kitty outfits, all of them, and we can not WAIT to share them with our customers. 


If you are reading this, please go visit www.ChangingTheFaceOfBeauty.org to learn more about this perception-changing initiative.

Robin Frick
Robin Frick


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