Freckles + Kitty Model Feature: Say Hello to Kylie!

by Carol Heffernan August 26, 2015

What a thrill for us here at Freckles + Kitty to be part of the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign, encouraging companies to include models of ALL abilities in their advertising! We wanted to give you a “meet-and-greet” to get to know our models more personally, so here’s a Q-and-A with Michele, proud mom to Kylie!


Tell us about your family, particularly Kylie. What's her personality like? What are the greatest joys of being her mom?

My husband and I have been married for 11-1/2 years, Kylie is our first child, and she has two younger brothers, Tyler and Tucker. Kylie will be in the 3rd grade this year. She is energetic, stubborn, independent, and a sweetheart, all in one. I love seeing her face light up when she tries something new, and it is incredibly satisfying to watch her accomplish what she sets out to do. I love her cuddles, and how she likes to mother her younger brothers.

What does Changing the Face of Beauty mean to you? Describe why you wanted to get involved -- and have Kylie involved -- with this campaign.

To me, CTFOB is about showing others that people with disabilities (Kylie's diagnosis is Down Syndrome) are just like anybody else. I want Kylie to grow up in a world where she is accepted for who she is, and not viewed as limited because of her diagnosis. I want parents of children with disabilities, especially new parents, to see that people with disabilities are accepted, and to have confidence in their children's future.

What would you like others to know about being mom to a child with special needs?

Being a mom of a child with special needs is both hard and rewarding. It does take Kylie longer to learn most things, but the celebration upon her accomplishing each milestone and goal is greater because of how hard-won it was.

What did Kylie think of her modeling experience??

Kylie had fun at the photo shoot, even though she was a little distracted.  She loved being on set with one of her friends.  She certainly likes seeing her photos online. :)

Carol Heffernan
Carol Heffernan


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