About Freckles + Kitty


Two very innovative, yet furry, grrls with a very big dream: To design clothing your child will love. Styles that are unique and vibrant, yet comfy and durable. Styles your little girl will want to wear over and over again. Freckles and Kitty realize choosing an outfit that’s both parent- and kid-approved isn’t always easy. They know that you and your cutie will love their classic and age-appropriate designs so much that getting ready in the morning will be a snap!

Things and Stuff About Freckles + Kitty

  • Freckles and Kitty met as puppies in L.A. and quickly bonded over their mutual love for fashion, and chew toys.

  • Aside from design, Freckles and Kitty’s other self-appointed responsibilities include barking at potential intruders, including but not limited to garbage trucks and raccoons. But mostly coyotes.

  • Freckles has a very sweet demeanor when she’s not tired, hungry or hiding under the bed during a thunderstorm (thankfully, a rare event in Los Angeles).

  • Kitty’s sense of self is unusually strong largely thanks to being mistaken for a cat over and over again.

  • Favorite designers include Furberry, Pucci and Pawda.